TdF day 2

I finished a bobbin!


And as you can probably tell, it quit raining. Late last evening. We had a late dinner, and then I decided I’d better go take a walk, rain or no. Mr. Ink decided to go to, so I took him through parts of our town he’d never walked before. During the walk, it FINALLY quite raining. Today it’s quite mild, and not at all sunny. Miss Bug is heading to a visit with my parents, so we’ve spent the day packing, preparing, and doing chores. I woke up far too early again, so I am thinking a nap as soon as my homemade bread is out of the oven!

I also finished up some knitting! I finished the Dangling Conversation shawl, and I do love it! It’s out of yarn spun from a loop bump, and I used up all but a very small amount. I had to add an extra few improvised rows to do so, but it was worth it!


I have to say, if I had the appropriate yarn, this is certainly a pattern I’d knit again. It’s simple, comfortable, doesn’t really need the beads, and memorizing it wouldn’t have been a problem either.

And finally a quick moment in my garden. With all the rain yesterday, I figured I’d take today to dig up a few more of the orange day lilies in my veggie garden. It’s a constant battle with them, I suspect they’ll be showing up for years to come unless I sift through every inch of that dirt this fall. But, I did get an opportunity to remove a bunch more. They were mostly done flowering anyhow, and Miss Bug took any remaining blooms and made me a vase.

This year, some yellow day lilies just as tall as the orange ones are blooming in two different spots. They look really slick in there with the orange. I’ve got some in back of my rose of sharon garden bed, and while I cannot reach them to remove old blooms and get photos, they do have a nice color pop in the back of an overgrown bed.


This is the one remaining in my veggie garden. It gets to stay for now, as I’ll be transplanting it to another garden once that other garden exists.

That’s…about it from here! It’s been a quiet and lazy morning despite being busy. A day that feels like my own. And that’s certainly something I enjoy. I am looking forward to seeing if I can make it through another bobbin by tomorrow so I can have one skein of yarn soon after!


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