TdF Sunday

Yes, I did get a little bit of spinning done!


I finished the loop cloud singles, colorway sierra nevada. And yes, if you peek over the top of that lazy kate, you’ll see my yellow mini roses blooming nicely!

I then got an opportunity to start plying, but not a lot of that was done.


The remainder of the day was spent in fun! We had our annual tank wars event to go to, complete with a proper tank track with a leveler on it.


Tanks were lit, battles were won and lost, and this year we had the most lively tanks I’ve ever seen. These things bounced off the track, pushed each other off the track, lit each other on fire, it was good fun!

We also had good company, a fire in a firepit, and mountain pies with our mountain pie makers. A very good evening, and great distraction from the “war zone” that is this area around this holiday.

(I’ll attempt to spare you the lecture on the absolute privilege of a country who uses simulated war sounds on a holiday that will make anyone who has lived in an actual war zone nervous to downright terrified, while at the same time continuing to say things like “Support our troops!” I’ll also try to remember that I live in a state that allows this, and not every state does, and it was never like this back east. I guess this is more of a “the culture of this state” lecture rather than a “this country” lecture.)

I know, I know, I didn’t do a good job. I went for my morning garden walk, and realized that our entire property is strewn with cardboard paper from other people’s fireworks. I really do try to not be too much of a stuffed shirt about the entire thing, but every year a fail!

Now we just have to wait for everyone to finish up their fireworks purchases illegally for the next month or so, and we’ll be back to peace and quiet.

2 thoughts on “TdF Sunday

    • I think if we could really limit it to one night a year, I’d probably be less irritable. It’s the month of slow build, and the next month of slow taper, that really gets me unreasonably grumpy! I am just always certain I am going to come home to a burning roof!

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