Just One Thing

Yesterday the heat index was 108! But I was madly productive even so. I had a productive day at work, then I had to take a trip all the way out to Bug’s camp to pick up the pair of boots she left there. Once home, I cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen, then went out and mowed the lawn. After that, since I was already sweaty and disgusting, I took a walk. It was dead around the neighborhood, unsurprising since no normal person wants to be out in that mess. But, I admit, that was a welcome change to taking a walk with fireworks going off all around me. All I had to do was navigate all the fireworks trash. Once my walk was done, it was 9 p.m., so time to start cooking! (I left that task up to Mr. Ink. I told him I’d done enough for the day.)

Naturally, this didn’t leave a lot of plying time. So I worked on it this morning. I’ve got just a bit left to ply, it really is SO close. It was actually quite difficult to drag myself away and go to work, with so little left to do.


I feel extremely confident I’ll be able to get this done tonight! Which is great, since I’ve got so much inspiration for my next TdF project, 2 loop bumps plied together.

3 thoughts on “Just One Thing

  1. Thank you for your TdF inspiration. After reading one of your earlier posts I got started on Day 2 and even got to join a team! But I must admit 108 degrees would have finished me! Happy spinning!!!

  2. 108? And you moved? I am impressed! I think I would either have holed up in the AC or parked myself in the shade under the sprinkler. I do hear you about it being hard to leave morning spinning to go to work though.

    Hope it cools off for you pretty soon. I thought was hot here yesterday, it was about 80. Come on over any time.

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