Finished Spinning

I’ve got a few things to show off!

How about a skein of 2 ply, 210 yards, pictured on a wet hosta?


Yep, it rained during my gardening time last evening. And then the sun came back out, but it was certainly cooler. A lovely evening in the garden.

The blue fiber for this skein is something I created on my drum carder. It doesn’t really fit in with my loop spinning for Tour de Fleece, but there it is anyhow.

And then there’s some loop clouds, pictured on my rudbeckia:


That’s 430 yards of 2 ply Loop clouds colorway Sierra Nevada.

I gardened all evening long, Mr. Ink and I tore out the front of a very well established flower bed, digging half of it up about 2 feet down. We had a bunch of yarrow in there, and all it was doing was hiding henbit and paper mulberries, the bane of our existence in our yard. We are about halfway through the digging portion of the project, and we plan to move a rose around as well, so we’ve got a lot more work to do in that bed. But, I also planted the plants a friend gave me. Not all of them, it was easily a 2 day job from the start. But, I got some irises in, all the day lilies went in, a nice pale yellow to add to my collection, some bee balm, a bit of the coreopsis though I have about 5 more large sections of it to plant, and some columbine. This meant digging up more sod, making the project even longer. Mr Ink is finally at the point where he’s ok with tossing less than amazing sod, which is a great relief to me!

So, needless to say, I don’t have a lot of spinning to show for myself. But, I can show you what I have.

On the left, the picture from yesterday. On the right, the picture from this morning. About half a bobbin layer. Thankfully we’ve got a lovely weekend coming up! And I am looking forward to some spinning time during it. If I can manage to get away from the garden.