Heavy on Yard, Light on Spinning

Yesterday was a fair bit more kind, weatherwise, than it was the previous few days. I’d had the kind of day at work where you sit down before 7:30 and don’t get back up until 3:20 unless you need a bathroom break, and even those were hard to come by. So, by the time I got home, between finishing a large project at work, and it being Friday, I slept so hard during my naptime, you wouldn’t believe! By the time Mr. Ink got home, I was awake again, and ready to venture outdoors.

We started with a beer on the patio, rather than getting right to it. In the end, we chose lighter work for our evening. Mr. Ink planted a new quince bush he’d purchased a few days prior, and that I think is just fun and goofy. Then he chose weed killing. I worked again on getting some of the plants I was given into the ground, though I have more to do, and mulching the areas I’d dug sod out of the day before. I snapped a photo of our moss roses, which are going nuts.


It’s so hard to believe they were the tiniest plugs. Moss roses are flowers that Miss Bug always insists we purchase and plant, she has good memories of them being in the garden at the old house, and her helping put them in.

Then-we discovered something creepy.


This was on our bald cypress, and we didn’t know what it was. There were a bunch of them. And they were moving. Seriously creepy looking. I asked the collective on the book of faces, and found out they were bag worms and would kill our trees. So, Mr. Ink set to picking them all off and putting them in a ziploc bag to throw in the trash. Now he’ll have to be hyper vigilant about all the other evergreens he’s planted this year to make sure they don’t get infested.

After that little upset, I did take some time to do a little spinning. I kept stressing, thinking “It’s TdF, I gotta get my spinning time in!” But forgetting the fact I’d been spinning that morning before work. In the end, I did get a bit of spinning time in. It wasn’t much, but, there’s a tiny bit to show for it.


Mr. Ink made a lovely dinner, and I made parslied potatoes with loads of fresh parsley from my garden. It was a very pleasant evening. And this morning? I woke up to this:

2 of my gladioli are finally blooming! I’ve been waiting on them for over a week. I’ve got a few right behind them. I purchased a bulb mix, but so far, everything has been yellow. I am not truly complaining, but I might have to diversify next year. I just love these!

Let’s see what today brings us, shall we? There’s nothing so lovely as a quiet morning with a cup of coffee, reasonable weather, and a day of no obligations in front of you.