Guys, I had an actual spinday! I woke up Sunday morning and did a bunch of spinning.

That’s a great amount of progress for me! And then, as is desirable on Spinday, Mr. Ink and I went on a mountain bike ride. Heat index was over 100 again, so it wasn’t exactly a pleasant ride, but getting out there was a good idea!

No pictures of that hot sweaty mess, of course, but I do have more garden pictures. We thought about the garden a bit more, and I realized that I didn’t even want to dig up the rose and move it. I just want that rose GONE. I think we can do better! So, Mr. Ink plans to cut down the rose, initially, and then we’ll dig out the root later. What we did get to yesterday was stone edgers to match the stones on the other side of the yard.


It’s a much more organic look than those initial cement edgers were, it makes the garden a bit smaller, and will blend very nicely into our long term garden plan. It’s definitely a relief to see this one come together so nicely!

We also had a discussion on Sunday about another area in the garden, one which probably needed a shrub of some sort. I told Mr. Ink he should look up what he wanted. He decided on a viburnum, and we headed out to go get one. We came home with a viburnum AND….


A stunning hardy hibiscus! Mr. Ink should not take me plant shopping if he doesn’t want to come home with extra plants. He thinks through his purchases, decides on a plant, and a place for it, and then goes out to find that plant. Me? It’s more of a “Ohhhh! SHINY!” situation. I see a pretty, I bring it home, and then we figure out where it can live. Though to be honest, this one was pretty well received by Mr. Ink as well. He decided on a spot pretty quickly. Though, one of the potential spots was at the front of the house, which is “his” area. I told him if he wanted a hibiscus in “his” area, he can get his own hibiscus. This one is going where I spend the most time. Maybe….I don’t need ALL the roses after all. Maybe I need ALL the hardy hibiscus!

In any case, that’s the current story from our lives on a Spinday. Pretty good stuff! It’s going to be another brutal hot day around here, and we have to mow. Desperately. So I doubt there’ll be much in the way of garden progress unless something new opens up that I can take a photo of. But it’s hot, so that could potentially happen!