The subtle color shifts on this loop bump make me wonder if I am making progress at all. And then my bump keeps getting smaller and smaller, and I realize what’s under the top layer is MUCH lighter than what I am spinning now.


I’d say it’s pretty good progress.

Not much from me today. We took the evening off from gardening to go on a great bike ride with some friends. It’s funny, we haven’t biked much at all this year. I have been walking/running though, and then all the gardening. And that’s kept me stronger than if I were just biking and then being otherwise sedentary. I was able to run with the big dogs and lead the pack last evening for the majority of the evening, even faster than. Mr. Ink.

We rode fast, wearing ourselves out, then stopped at a bar/restaurant on the river, sat outside, socialized, and had dinner. Then back into the city quite late at night, enjoying a stop on a bridge along the way to, again, socialize and see the stars. City living doesn’t provide you with much of a clear view, but if you just get out of the city a little bit, they are beautiful. I didn’t take pictures, I was too busy participating. But it was lovely.

Tonight? It’s supposed to be exceedingly pleasant, weather wise. I told Mr. Ink I wanted to garden tonight, since we’ve got a bike ride on Saturday, and on Sunday, a heat wave arrives for who knows how long. It’s time for more digging and rearranging so we can go into predominately maintenance mode once the heat begins. At this point, watering properly takes so long when the heat is extreme!

I’ve got it in my head to start working on that rudbeckia flower bed, removing a section of the rudbeckia that are overtaking that bed, moving the lilies that are ridiculously placed, trying to make sense of the weeds in the back of the bed that we can’t get to, and moving some purple cone flowers in to that section. I’ve also got some more phlox that can go in that bed sitting in my veggie garden. Those are big plans for an evening, but if the weather is pleasant, they shouldn’t be completely out of reach. (I roll my eyes as I say this, since every project is bigger than I imagine) Added bonus? That garden is under shade at the point which I’ll be messing with it.

Wishing everyone a very happy weekend!

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