Actual Knitting Content

I finished a thing! For real! I actually finished it awhile back, but couldn’t be bothered to block it. And it desperately needed blocking. It’s my Quadri stole, out of handspun laceweight singles. I am thrilled with it!

It was an enjoyable knit, although a long knit. The stole is just about the correct stole size, even though I did the 4 rather than 6 blocks across. I love love LOVE the navajo knit squares in it, and I suspect I may knit this one again, maybe in scarf size, with each and every block containing a square.

I had a pretty quiet garden day. I cleaned up the mess of erosion the overnight storm had left us, putting all that dirt back INTO the garden bed. Mr. Ink quickly made a stop gap at the fence line to make sure that didn’t keep happening, until we can get some stones in there for a permanent solution. Neither of us were overly interested in doing much gardening, Mr. Ink killed some weeds, I deadheaded and pulled garden weeds and then went in to spin.

However, we did have a new garden surprise! I blackberry lily is blooming!


This is one of the plants given to us by a friend recently. I planted these in two different places, both of which are iris beds, because the leaves and root system looked like irises. So, you can imagine my surprise to find them blooming! As it turns out, they are blackberry lilies! I think they can stay where I planted them, blooming late in a surprise show after all the early blooming irises are done.

Since I was rather gardening uninspired, I got some plying done yesterday. And, I love the results! I think this is going to be a pretty fantastic skein of yarn when it’s done.

I admit, with the heat and humidity climbing, I find my garden enjoyment tanking. Maybe that’ll change, if we can get more used to this heat, but I am not sure. Or maybe it’s just a really busy week, so we don’t have time to devote to it in the first place. All I know is that I’d really prefer to just spin. (Might also just be the end in sight of a project so I don’t want to put it down!)



4 thoughts on “Actual Knitting Content

  1. Congratulations on finishing the stole! It is gorgeous and I love the colors. Makes me think of ocean waves. May you have many enjoyable moments wrapped in its beauty.

  2. That stole is lovely, I can only imagine the sense of accomplishment you feel! Lace weight singles, huh? LOT of knitting. And spinning. 🙂 The spinning also is amazing. THAT is how the bright and soft colors blend? It is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the finished skein of that beauty.
    As for the surprise lily, it is lovely! In my yard, I just get surprise blackberries, not lilies. thorns galore and a few berries that are eaten by the birds about ten minutes before I want to pick them, lol.

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