All Work and No Play?

The work I get paid to do has been extremely busy lately. I never seem to have anything come my way these days that doesn’t have a hard deadline staring me in the face. I think it’ll slow down again at some point, but I see this being the case right through October.

Because of this, it seems like other things keep getting missed. Small errands that need to be run, but I don’t have the energy for at the end of the work day, things like that. Yesterday, after an extremely busy work day, I also ran two errands. I got home, and I was beat.

It was supposed to be gross out, but we’d had a surprise storm, keeping the temps a bit lower than expected, though the humidity was still very high. Once home, I eagerly checked our stop gap measures on an erosion problem, and they seem to have worked! I wandered about the garden a bit, surprised at one of my pots seemingly having a particularly luscious bloom cycle.


The petunias and the alyssum are going nuts! Too bad there’s no proper red geranium bloom to support all that white. I couldn’t quite figure this pot out. WHY does it look so much better than all the rest? Then I remembered, a couple days ago I added some slow release fertilizer to it, and it’s been raining daily since then. I bet that fertilizer released! Maybe I’ll get another geranium bloom before too long.

After wandering the garden, and after Mr. Ink came home, I decided I wasn’t up for much. I took a walk around the neighborhood, did a few household chores and got laundry started, and then settled in for some plying.

At some point in the evening, sitting out on the patio in the humidity but with enough wind to be comfortable, I realized I was feeling ridiculously relaxed. I’d done enough in the garden in the last few weeks to feel accomplished and I wasn’t berating myself for not being more productive.  (I know, I know, we are productive. But that doesn’t stop me from often feeling like I should be more so.)

It was me, and a podcast, and my wheel, in my garden. Just the way it’s supposed to be. Just the way we’ve been working so hard on the gardens to achieve. It might not be perfection in the garden, but last night that didn’t matter even a little bit. It was very good.

I don’t anticipate much spinning tonight. I leave work early so that Mr. Ink and I can go on a short road trip. We’ll be headed back the same evening, but we are eager to get out of town, and do something that we enjoy that’s out of the house. And then the insanity of Mr. Ink’s family in town begins.

I guess I did last evening exactly correctly for the busy few days ahead. 🙂