Road Trip

Yesterday, Mr. Ink and I took part of a day off work to head to Kansas City for a concert. He didn’t want to take an extra day off and spend the night, so it was just an out and back trip, getting us home about 2 a.m. Not….ideal for me. I am one of those people who pretty much ceases to function after 11 p.m., and while I am generally the primary road trip driver, I told Mr. Ink from the start that I could not drive home.

We headed out, and I got a little knitting time in before my driving shift. There’s a project on the needles that I haven’t even taken a WIP picture of, and I got it to the point where I began casting off. So, soon, actually knitting content again!

We ended up at a beautiful theater in Kansas City, not one either of us had been to before. We like seeing live music in Kansas City, the crowds are generally happy and free and moving around. They always have a really nice crowd vibe. This time, we went to see Chris Isaak.

It was an amazing show. I knew it would be! Made even more amazing from the ease in which we arrived. No traffic on the interstate, we found the theater easily and without the use of my phone’s gps, we even found a free parking spot about a block from the theater! And, when we got out of our car, a kind young man let us know that we had to tuck that car in a little farther, as the free parking was next to a trolley line, and that trolley might hit our car, and the city would do nothing for us. So, we tucked the car in to the curb even better, and enjoyed the benefit of the free parking and the kindness of a stranger.

The theater was beautiful! Really that old style theater that’s so ornate that even the exit signs are stained glass. Mr Ink had gotten us extremely good seats, though we were packed in there a little tight. But, the people who were to sit next to us didn’t arrive, so we were able to spread out a bit, keeping the people on the other side happy, as well as ourselves.

And thus, we settled in for a night of the crooning tones of a great musician. And we got exactly that. We got the full sequined suit, and the great, classic style show complete with band banter, and yet a show that still felt modern. We got Chris Isaak hits, and new stuff, along with other great hits from the ’50s and ’60s. He repeatedly told the band to add songs to┬áthe set list, since the theater sounded SO amazing to him. “Music sounds SO GOOD in here!!!” He kept repeating, and we could feel his excitement and love for what he was doing. So, we also felt like we got more than we paid for. He even came out into the crowd more than once, and at one point was singing so close to us that there was only one person between him and us.

All in all, a fantastic night. I got a bit of sleep on the way home, thankfully, and kind of suffered through the rest of the car ride, miserable and exhausted, and worried that I would be a mess today. But, I am not feeling TOO bad. Thanks in part to the large coffee I picked up from a local coffee shop I am sure.

The added bonus? One of these super hot and miserable days we spent almost entirely indoors and comfortable in the AC. The car was nice and cool, the theater was nice and cool, the car was parked so close to the theater that we didn’t feel miserable between the two. When I got out of the car at 2 a.m., it was still 90F here. Hopefully our current dome of extreme heat will move on soonish.

A bit of spinning was done, as I managed to get home a bit sooner than Mr. Ink yesterday.

One full jumbo bobbin, and the next jumbo bobbin started.

Mr. Ink’s family will be in town tonight, so getting home from work means nap, then cleaning. But, I am hoping I can manage to sneak in a bit more plying time. I am so near the end now! But, I can tell that the bobbin full of singles on the bump I spun all of are more than the one I pulled white off of. So, I’ll be plying to the end of the lesser amount of singles, then spindle spinning up additional singles to finish the remainder of the skein.

I will finish this by the end of the tour though. I will, I will!