Finishing TdF

Yesterday was a little coconuts! I got home, the feels like temp was 116! Mr. Ink had watered in the morning, and had watered at lunchtime, but by the time I got home, everything was looking totally wilted still. I watered in that hot mess outdoors, and wishing to get inside ASAP. I told Mr. Ink later that my flowers, especially the ones that were close to blooming but not there yet, really looked so….ugh. And I made a whole body demonstration, because I couldn’t even think of the words for how they looked. And Mr. Ink said “Everything just looks like it’s melting.” Yes. Yes. Including me!

We have company in town, they arrived last evening, but stayed at a hotel. Now, this company isn’t known for mad organizational skills, and communication skills also somewhat lacking. For the record, this is the company of the “I helped myself to stuff in your craftroom” fame. They have invited people over for a party tonight. I decided that since everything was last minute, I was going to stay out of it. I kept saying “I will have the house clean and company ready. The menu is up to you guys and Mr. Ink.” Despite this, I’ve been dragged in repeatedly, and there have been about 5 iterations of a menu, the 3 menu planners not communicating with each other about it, and trying to go through me. I do NOT like triangulation, so I keep saying “That’s up to you, speak amongst yourselves.”

I thought I had tonight, before guests arrived, to finish with the cleaning chores. Last evening I was informed that they would be arriving mid day, to use the house and to cook. Thus, all cleaning needed to be done last evening. I found this out at 9 p.m.

Guys, I was on a roll last night! I’d already been cleaning and tidying, and sitting down to ply when I got irritated. I ended up finishing my loop project, and left it on the bobbins for later. Once I finished up ALL OF my cleaning chores, Mr. Ink said “Hey, I am going to make chocolate chip cookies, want to stay up for that?” Well, how could I resist? OF COURSE I want to stay up for that. So, while waiting for warm chocolate chip cookies (And a little dough!) I skeined and soaked my yarn.


It’s like….the most amazing. I love it! So much! It’s 1050 yards of 2 ply heavy fingeringweight yarn. It’s better than I could have even imagined. I can’t believe I got that from these:

Spinning is just so fascinating to me!

Funny story. I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, where this skein was hanging to dry. I’d JUST cleaned the bathroom for guests, and I walked in and there was this smell. This SMELL! And, I got myself into a bit of a panic, I mean, I’d just cleaned, what could it be? And, where is it coming from? Maybe I have a leak under the sink? OH NO! A LEAK! I am going to have to pull everything out from under the sink and it’s gonna be moldy and we have COMPANY coming and OMG! Because this is how my brain works at night.

I got up this morning, wandered into the bathroom to smell the terrible smell, and realized it was wet wool. That’s all! Just, wet wool, a skein of yarn drying. A smell I’ve encountered countless times in the last 10 years.

I do believe this is about it for my TdF. Meaning, I cannot possibly complete another project with company in town, so, while I’ll try to get some spinning in, it’ll all be long term project spinning.

Happy Friday everyone!