Actual Knitting Content (no FO!)

We had a lovely visit with Mr. Ink’s mom, brother, and various family members. I am sitting around this morning with Mr. Ink’s mom waiting for brother and wife to stop by, as she’s moving to Oklahoma to live with them. She seems rather excited actually, it’s probably time she had a little adventure. But mostly, she’s happy to be out of the home where she was for her rehab of her broken hip, and a month early too! She’s got a clean bill of health and she can get around quite fine with her walker. I’d say, it turned out as best as it possibly could for an 88 year old woman with a broken hip. Better than I ever imagined.

It’s still the kind of miserable hot that takes your breath away. The flowers are still melting. And yet, it’s the weekend, and Mr. Ink and I are eager to get started outdoors. We’ve got mowing on the list, and a trip to the dump, and a trip to the rock store for more rocks. He’s outside wandering around, I can tell quite antsy to get a move on, despite the fact we still have company. I am eager too, but not at the expense of time with family. Those chores will all get done. Family won’t be here long.

I snapped a photo of my current knitting project. Do you remember this handspun?


It’s an inglenook 2 ply then plied with a silk hankie single. I loved it. And, I started knitting with it, and now I love it even more.


It’s got this really rich, rustic look. That silk hankie single gives it a lot of variegation and color it wouldn’t otherwise have. This will be the Foxy Loop cowl once I am done with it.

I DO have a finished object, but just as imagined, I haven’t had a moment or a space to block it. Hopefully it’ll be done tomorrow. Spinning definitely hasn’t taken a front seat, I didn’t even get one spinning moment yesterday. The wheel sits lonely in the corner.

Have a great weekend everyone!