Riot of Color

I did a lot of spinning yesterday! In fact, I’d say both Mr. Ink and I had a relatively lower key day than is usual for the weekend. We picked up more rocks for the rock wall project but didn’t bother to get them in, I did some house cleaning, since I’d been on a kick for that with company, but neglected the rooms company doesn’t see, and we decided that the poor lawn desperately needed watering. We don’t typically water the lawn, just the plants. For the most part, the lawn manages on its own, with the rain we get naturally. But, after the dome of heat, and no chance of rain in sight, Mr. Ink decided it was time. But, he also didn’t want to water any weeds, so he spent the better part of the day picking weeds out of the lawn by hand before watering it well.

Now, I will tell you this. Mr. Ink likes to tease me for being very obsessive. I obsessively deadhead my flowers, pick off japanese beetles, search for bagworms and bud worms, to the point where I just cannot leave those plants alone. But yesterday? As he was picking weeds out of the lawn? I reminded him that I am not the only obsessive person in this relationship.

After his weed pulling day, he mentioned that he’d like to eliminate as much lawn as is possible. I reminded him that this has been my goal from the start, that I’ve been consistently planning and working on removing sections of lawn. I’ve actually got bigger plans than my current big plans, but I don’t want to overwhelm him, so I am just working toward the original plan, in hopes we can manage to get that done initially, then I’ll keep suggesting other lawn edits.

I did also take out the rose from the rose of sharon garden that I hate. Mr. Ink mentioned that the weeds were established in the rose and asked me to remind him what we were going to do with the rose. I told him to cut it off at the base, and then once that was done, I just had to dig it out. Then I mentioned that there was no way for me to weed that bed without taking out the phlox as well. Mr. Ink, from his seat on the lawn picking weeds, said “Is that another plant genocide I hear beginning? Sure sounds like it.” Sure enough, I removed the phlox so that I could also remove the weeds. I REALLY do need to get in there to mulch, but we are out of mulch at the moment.

I also spun! On the patio, and indoors. Just, every spare moment was spent spinning.


I am totally and completely in love with this riot of color! It just makes me so happy, and I am so eager to work on it all of the time!

I also have a finished object to show off.


This is the Themeda Shawl (or scarf really) out of some of my friend Marja’s handspun. It’s gorgeous! I love the handspun, and I think the pattern is beautiful too. I got started on this pattern by using my queue and a random number generator, as suggested by Dyeabolical Yarns. It’s….quite frankly, brilliant. I quit hemming and hawing, and I just use the number, wind the yarn, and get on with it. In fact, I so just get on with it that I don’t even bother to take in progress photos!

And finally, I had my first anaheim pepper harvest.


Aren’t those just stunning? We made chicken and cheese stuffed peppers with mole sauce. It’s one of our favorite dishes, and it’s all the more fun when you don’t have to purchase the peppers!

That’s about it from here! It was a busy weekend, but for me? Also a short week. We are taking a little vacation time at the end of the week, and I am so eager for it.