New Project

We quit goofing off around the yard last night and got the lawn mowed. Every single time we get the lawn mowed, I look around my yard and think “I really LOVE this yard!” It clearly has something to do with enjoying a freshly mowed lawn. We’ve been lacking in rain lately, so tonight I’ve scheduled a really good watering of all the plants. That’ll be priority 1 upon my arrival home.

But, I am also hoping to have a little more time to spin on this project:


Yeah. I started something new. I finished up my fat cat knits batt, removed the bobbin, and started on this. It’s from The Dyeing Arts, and I’ve got 8 oz. of it. I am planning a 3 ply. One of the nicest things about getting a jumbo flyer is the opportunity to use my regular bobbins for more than one project at a time. Prior to this I was strictly a one project on the wheel at a time gal. Sometimes I’d add some spindle spinning to that, but really, I’ve been the most monogamous spinner.

That’s it from me today! I should have some knitting content tomorrow if all goes as planned. 2 projects on the needles but I never manage to take photographs!