New Project

We quit goofing off around the yard last night and got the lawn mowed. Every single time we get the lawn mowed, I look around my yard and think “I really LOVE this yard!” It clearly has something to do with enjoying a freshly mowed lawn. We’ve been lacking in rain lately, so tonight I’ve scheduled a really good watering of all the plants. That’ll be priority 1 upon my arrival home.

But, I am also hoping to have a little more time to spin on this project:


Yeah. I started something new. I finished up my fat cat knits batt, removed the bobbin, and started on this. It’s from The Dyeing Arts, and I’ve got 8 oz. of it. I am planning a 3 ply. One of the nicest things about getting a jumbo flyer is the opportunity to use my regular bobbins for more than one project at a time. Prior to this I was strictly a one project on the wheel at a time gal. Sometimes I’d add some spindle spinning to that, but really, I’ve been the most monogamous spinner.

That’s it from me today! I should have some knitting content tomorrow if all goes as planned. 2 projects on the needles but I never manage to take photographs!

7 thoughts on “New Project

  1. That’s pretty!

    I have 4 normally sized bobbins. That means I have to be monogamous, and while I am considering a jumbo flyer, I do worry it will let me pile up with spinning WIPs, so your post interests me… How many bobbins have you got?

    • I’ve got 4 regular sized bobbins, and 2 jumbo bobbins. The jumbo bobbins don’t quite fit 8 oz on them, so I always need two for an 8 oz. project. So in this case, I’ve got a potential 2 ply started (The black batt with crazy colors) and a potential 3 ply started. (The yellow/purple) I’ll have to finish the black batt 2 ply before I can finish spinning the singles for the yellow and purple 3 ply, but it does make for a rather nice break in between, to spin up a bobbin of something else.

      • I can see how it would, especially if you are doing 8 ounces of something.

        I am halfway through a 4 ounce – finished the first bobbin last night. I guess, technically I could do a second project if I only did one bobbin’s worth of it, but that means if in plying I fill a bobbin before I run out of singles, then I have to immediately skein it to keep going. So complicated! I think I need more bobbins and a jumbo flyer. 🙂

      • When you go that route, check out akerworks bobbins. For my wheel, the regular bobbins were cheaper than the akerworks bobbins, but that wasn’t the case when I got the jumbo bobbin and flyer. So, jumbo bobbin and flyer from majacraft, and an additional akerworks jumbo bobbin had me all set up the way I dreamed about.

      • thanks for the tip! Not sure when I will ever do it, but it is on my list. I just ordered a whole lot of fiber, not a flyer. Gotta have priorities, right???

  2. A tidy yard is always a thrill for me too. I used to beg to be the lawn cutter at our house…to get away from the kids for a bit and SEE that I had done something. Doing laundry never ends, dishes, etc. But when you cut the lawn you SEE your work done

    • It IS so nice isn’t it? It’s lawnmower noise, but in the face of children, that’s pretty much white noise. And there’s the exercise factor, in addition to the moment you sit on the patio with a glass of water and realize it looks so nice!

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