Scenery for Knitting

My knitting has some new scenery this weekend.


That’s the foreign correspondence scarf, modified to eventually be a cowl, in Miss Marja’s handspun. It’s a pretty one, and thus far fun to work with.

We headed out to Okoboji IA for a quick vacation. We have a lovely friend with a lake house, and when she asked if we’d like to use it one weekend, we took her up on it. And now I spend most of my time trying to figure out all the ways I can pay her back! (I know she likes day lilies, I’ve got a really pretty lavender one on order.)

It’s our plan to do a lot of biking and exploring. There’s even a tandem bike in the garage. Though, when I suggested giving it a try, Mr. Ink said “But I didn’t bring my helmet!” Point taken Mr. Ink. Point taken.

The weather is downright blissful. We got in after midnight last night, and it was 60F. This morning was quite a surprise, since getting in at midnight means you can’t really see anything. You wake up to a world around you that you previously didn’t know existed! It’s quite fun.


This is my other cowl project, out of my handspun. I am in the second to last color now, and I am hoping it may even get finished before the end of the trip. But if not, no worries, it just means we had different adventures.

And now, I am off to spend some time spinning on the deck.