Last Full Day

We did it guys! We actually had a genuinely relaxing day. The kind of day most anyone would call relaxing. We had decided we were going to allow the morning to be relaxing, as there was a storm system that was moving through, and we thought perhaps it would be best to wait to see it move on, lest we get rained on during our planned bike ride. We decided to ride after lunch. But, then I wanted to nap. And it was windy. So I napped, and Mr. Ink napped, and he napped even more than me, and basically we did all our sleeping in during one nap. And I finished this bobbin.


I made sure that bobbin had a view.

Then we decided it was too windy, and we might go shopping. But we didn’t go shopping. Instead, I spun and Mr. Ink did yoga, and later in the evening we went out to dinner. Where we had the biggest size medium margaritas ever.


I would hate to see what a large looked like. The food was inexpensive, but those margaritas didn’t have a price on them, and as it turns out, they were as expensive as our dinners. Oh well, it’s vacation, right? After that we stopped at a store to get a few provisions for the house, basically replacing things we had used while there, and then we decided to go to a little dive bar the locals had recommended that was very near us in order that we could watch the sunset.

That bar was SUCH a dive. But it had SUCH a view! It was lovely. Then we headed back home, and I spun late into the evening while listening to some Cowboy Junkies, which always has the lovely effect of relaxing me quite completely.

This morning we’d planned another quick adventure. We were up bright and early putting the house back together for the next guests, as we had decided to take the tandem bike in the garage over to the little diner for breakfast. I looked at the radar right before we left, and it became clear the tandem ride wasn’t going to happen. We drove to the diner (In my brain I want to say “like losers” because it’s about a mile, and every other time we went into town we took our bikes.) to have our last breakfast there, and by the time we got home it was pouring.


This is a pic of the spinning I got done yesterday, I was also hoping to pick up the pouring rain on the deck, but that didn’t happen. Anyhow, this bobbin is my loop! cloud in 3 ring circus, it’s so fun!

We quickly finished putting the house in order and packing the car, then headed back home. We drove out of the storm, into the hotter weather, only to realize that my AC has decided to have some issues. Thankfully, it’s due for an oil change anyhow, so Mr. Ink can just take it into work sometime this week and all should be well. I am telling you, having a car tech for a partner is MADLY useful.

All in all, an excellent relaxing vacation. I am not sure if it was the amazingly good bed, the vacation, or the nice cool weather, but despite being a terrible sleeper, I slept amazingly well that entire vacation. I keep telling Mr. Ink I am going to ask my friend about her mattress and go get one. Our activities and non activities were fantastic as well. I am already looking forward to the next lake adventure, I told my friend that I am bringing garden implements of destruction next time and working on a few spots in her yard. I know she won’t mind one bit, and will be quite grateful. It’ll be a nice way to say thank you.

7 thoughts on “Last Full Day

  1. So happy to hear how well it went for you and Mr. Ink. I am so glad to hear the sleeping was such a success, it can be such a crap shoot when it comes to sleeping other than one’s own bed. The spinning looks wonderful (as always) and I am excited to see that Bobbin with a view all plied up.

  2. So fun to read about your plans, naps , plans and naps. The spin up is lovely. Sometimes those dives have great food and views.
    We always slept well at my father’s cabin in Wisconsin. Slept sound and deep in the quiet woods with clean air!

    • Yes, the quiet, the opportunity to actually see the stars which is relaxing, before you even go to bed, it’s just different there. Sometimes different doesn’t translate to good sleep for me, but this time it did!

  3. What a wonderful break! I am glad you had a “down day” to get some spinning and sleeping done. It seems like a wonderful place, so glad you can look forward to going there again (with shovels and loppers!)

    The tandem bike sounds like lots of fun, did you ever get to ride it after all?

    • No, and that’s probably for the best. We discovered later that the back wheel wasn’t put on correctly, the brakes were dragging, etc. Basically, Mr. Ink needed to put more work into it than we had time for. We’ll have to try it another time. That being said, I’ve tried tandems before, and not been particularly fond of them. Of course, I trust Mr. Ink more than other people, so maybe it would be ok? But, I wasn’t too terribly disappointed at having to pass that one up.

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