The Usual

I came home from vacation to find this swallowtail caterpillar on my dill plant. I love the opportunity to raise some butterflies, so despite the fact that I know it will eat my dill or parsley to the ground if there’s not much of it, I always let them be. The dill and the parsley always grow back, and being out of an herb for a short time doesn’t bother me much.


I did pick a budworm off the same parsley this morning. Budworms don’t get the interfere with the swallowtail cat food source!

The rose of sharon is blooming! We’d cut it back SO far last fall that I really wasn’t sure it would bloom this year. It’s not having an issue.


It’s a little bit later than the other ones in our area, but it’s producing!

After mowing, I sat outside on the patio despite the humidity, trying to get my spinning done.


I was so close to finishing this bobbin I couldn’t quit! Mr. Ink came and sat on the patio for a bit as well, and then started fussing about the neighbor’s junk trees again. I told him he should take time to enjoy the yard and he responded that he finds sitting and looking around the yard stressful. I told him it’s not OUR yard that is stressful! He just fusses about other people’s yards. He actually picked a bucket full of bagworms off the neighbors bush near our property line yesterday, figuring that working on the neighbor’s trees would save his trees in the future. That particular neighbor has a full 3 lots, with tons of trees, so the little wooded area near our property doesn’t get a lot of attention from the neighbor. Despite this, I think Mr. Ink has a good enough relationship with that neighbor to let him know about the bagworms. Of course, that doesn’t actually mean he’ll do anything about it, but it would be nice for him to know WHY Mr. Ink keeps picking at his trees!

In any case, I had to register Miss Bug for school this morning, which meant I spent more time at home than I generally would in the morning. Between a little after dark plying, and this morning, I’ve got a perfectly lovely start on this 2 ply.


If I keep looking at the two ply, I can almost forget what a complete cluster getting registered for school was!

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