Not Much in Pictures

I’ll just have to use my words.

It’s again quite oppressively hot and humid. Hard to motivate to be outdoors, even to walk to a car. Thankfully, I had a perfect excuse to NOT be out in the weather yesterday, even though it isn’t precisely an excuse I wanted. But, that’s selfish. Let me explain.

We have a wonderful friend here, IntrovertedKnitter. Go check out her blog if you aren’t already following, she’s wonderful. It’s been my great pleasure to have met her through the blogosphere, reached out to her, and made real life friends with her. I am sure she thought that, initially, weird and uncomfortable but she got over it pretty fast. 🙂

Unfortunately for us, she’s moving away. I’ve tried to keep it as positive as possible, because it’s a GOOD move for her and hers, and I am so happy FOR them. But it’s certainly a loss for us.

So I planned a little send off with a few of our friends, some wine and cheese, good company, and a little bit of crafting. Really, it was more about the wine, cheese, and good company last night. But, I did get a little plying done. I did not, however, manage to get a photo of that plying.

We also had the company of our friend Marja’s small dog Max. Marja rescued Max about a month ago, and it’s been fun to see him go from being a rather anxious little dog to a dog full of confidence, finding his scritches in anyone who is offering them, in such a short period of time. Absolutely a testament of good dog ownership paired with a very good and agreeable little dog.

At some point during the evening, Marja deposited Max on my lap while I was plying, and he settled right in on my leg, not even minding that I continued to spin while he hung out there. Naturally, a photo was taken, and I kind of love it, the spinner in action and the cuteness of a little happy dog.


It was a very pleasant and low key send off, and a very VERY enjoyable evening. And, now I’ve got another friend to visit if we want to travel to the pacific northwest someday.

5 thoughts on “Not Much in Pictures

  1. lol – I KNEW you knew the introverted knitter because she also mentions knitting with Marja’s yarns. But I am sorry your friend is moving so far away – nice of you to have a little party for her, and what fun to make it a crafting event. I think you should go visit her next summer when it is SO HOT there, and nice and COOL in the northwest. 🙂 But that is a long way away, I know you will miss her dearly.

    • I told her that last night, after she revealed the temps on her most recent trip, that she can expect me when we get fed up with summer heat! I don’t think you’ll stop seeing her knit with Marja’s yarn anytime soon, Miss Marja just unloaded a whole bunch of handspun on her as a parting gift. Nothing like adding to someone’s stash when they are trying to get moved, right?!

      • it will be quite a shift for her, I know, she will need lots of hand knits at first. 🙂

        Maybe as a parting gift, she can give Marja pre-paid flat rate boxes, so that Marja can just mail her yarn as she finishes it. Save her all that packing and moving space, lol.

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