The Plying That Will Not End

Not that I am in a huge rush for it to. But I AM in a rush to own this yarn as a finished product.


That riot of color just thrills me to pieces. As do the chunky bits.

I actually seem to have a lot more yardage of the fat cat knits batt singles than I do of the Loop 3 ring circus singles. I am not entirely sure I won’t purchase more 3 ring circus and finish the project off that way. Let’s see what kind of yardage I get once I run out of the 3 ring circus singles, then I’ll take it from there.

I headed out to my garden after work, because I could see we had a bunch of storms brewing. I am NOT a particularly good midwesterner, I think it’s because I didn’t grow up here. So, when I heard the tornado sirens go off, I immediately looked around, saw nothing, and having looked at the radar before going outside, decided I was in no danger. I continued deadheading, and staking plants, and so on. And then I realized that TRULY I should be a better midwesterner and at least go inside, if not to the basement. I gathered my stuff, and meandered indoors. Only to look at the radar and the weather and find out that the sirens were going off here for tornadoes in a different county. I KNEW I didn’t have to take it seriously! (In all seriousness, I am always grateful when those sirens don’t mean anything to me. And thankfully, yesterday’s weather did not cause damage that I am aware of, though the pictures are pretty fantastic.)

After I realized the sirens didn’t apply to me, I headed back out doors for awhile, and was JUST completing what I’d set out to do when the rain began. I went inside and spun, as Mr. Ink had decided to stay at work until the worst of the storm had passed. The gardens got a great soaking, and since we’d planned to spend our evening watering, that was a relief. The storms pulled in cooler air, so we spent about an hour messing around in the garden, pulling weeds and so on since watering was no longer necessary.

I am still struggling with a nasty case of budworms on….basically everything. My roses, and all the potted plants. It’s SO highly irritating to see a fresh rosebud with a hole all the way through it! I am headed to the store after work to see what I can find that might more effectively deal with them.

That’s it for this Friday, we are looking forward to the weekend!