The Plying That Will Not End

Not that I am in a huge rush for it to. But I AM in a rush to own this yarn as a finished product.


That riot of color just thrills me to pieces. As do the chunky bits.

I actually seem to have a lot more yardage of the fat cat knits batt singles than I do of the Loop 3 ring circus singles. I am not entirely sure I won’t purchase more 3 ring circus and finish the project off that way. Let’s see what kind of yardage I get once I run out of the 3 ring circus singles, then I’ll take it from there.

I headed out to my garden after work, because I could see we had a bunch of storms brewing. I am NOT a particularly good midwesterner, I think it’s because I didn’t grow up here. So, when I heard the tornado sirens go off, I immediately looked around, saw nothing, and having looked at the radar before going outside, decided I was in no danger. I continued deadheading, and staking plants, and so on. And then I realized that TRULY I should be a better midwesterner and at least go inside, if not to the basement. I gathered my stuff, and meandered indoors. Only to look at the radar and the weather and find out that the sirens were going off here for tornadoes in a different county. I KNEW I didn’t have to take it seriously! (In all seriousness, I am always grateful when those sirens don’t mean anything to me. And thankfully, yesterday’s weather did not cause damage that I am aware of, though the pictures are pretty fantastic.)

After I realized the sirens didn’t apply to me, I headed back out doors for awhile, and was JUST completing what I’d set out to do when the rain began. I went inside and spun, as Mr. Ink had decided to stay at work until the worst of the storm had passed. The gardens got a great soaking, and since we’d planned to spend our evening watering, that was a relief. The storms pulled in cooler air, so we spent about an hour messing around in the garden, pulling weeds and so on since watering was no longer necessary.

I am still struggling with a nasty case of budworms on….basically everything. My roses, and all the potted plants. It’s SO highly irritating to see a fresh rosebud with a hole all the way through it! I am headed to the store after work to see what I can find that might more effectively deal with them.

That’s it for this Friday, we are looking forward to the weekend!


9 thoughts on “The Plying That Will Not End

  1. That riot of color is awesome!
    Oh those nasty bugs. We have more of an issue this year with moldy leafs.
    So much humidity in Chicago. We do have lots of fireflies though!
    And I saw a lady bug yesterday. 🙂

    • Mr. Ink has found more than one praying mantis on the cars he’s working on today. I told him to bring them home! I bet they’d have a nice time eating those budworms, and would do better finding them than I do! Yay for ladybugs! I am always thrilled when I see them come around.

  2. While I am not necessarily proud of this particular “trait” the whole going outside when sirens are going off (to look at the storm) seems to be very much a midwestern trait. Part of the reason for the onslaught of photos of the storms (and depending on which photos, why there are so many people in them.)

    That yarn is just so gorgeous, any plans for it yet? I still need to try my hand at spinning anything remotely tweedy-like. As for the bugs, my fingers are crossed for the praying mantis to work out!

    • No plans yet, but I just pulled it out of it’s bath this morning. I am eager to see the yardage, but I really think I may make more. It’s such a crazy pretty yarn!

  3. Lovely, lovely as always! Glad you got rain and nothing else- wish we would! It’s been weeks since we had any. It seems like it is feast or famine on the weather front.

    • That’s a great description of rain around here too. It’s either enough to split the tomatoes, or so little as to crack the ground.

      • If it weren’t for fog, we would have no moisture. I have actually had to add water to the pool this summer to keep it up to the filter. Usually I am bailing the pool once or twice because it is too full. I hope this is an off year, not the new normal.

      • Out here, when that happens, we can generally be sure to have an unusually heavy snow winter. Which is fun, but I find most people don’t like that wished on them. So, I hope that the fall brings a lot of rain to make up for your dry summer!

      • I don’t want that wished on me, it is true, but after a relatively dry winter, and a very dry spring/summer, I could live with it. Winter before last we got enough snow for a couple of years, apparently! It got very tedious, but I could deal with it if need be. 🙂

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