One Quiet Morning

Well, it’s one of my mornings where no one else is at home. These are the most blissful for me. I treasure them so much! I’ve been out to wander among the flowers, gotten laundry started, am now on my second cup of coffee, and the day (until 1:30 when Mr. Ink gets home from work) spreads out in front of me with limitless possibilities! There’s just no time I feel more optimistic┬áthan I do when home alone.

Yesterday, Mr. Ink found 2 praying mantises on a car at work. Naturally I told him to bring them home, half joking. But, I really thought maybe they might help with my budworm problem. Actually, it was particularly odd, since another friend, who is an auto technician at another dealership in town, also posted that he’d had 3 praying mantises on his first car of the day. With as alien as mantises look, with their odd long legs, way of articulating their bodies, large eyes, triangle heads, and ability to turn their heads 180 degrees, you could almost believe that small aliens were attempting an alien take over of the area car dealerships.


Guess what? Mr. Ink brought home a mantis in a box for me! He really is the best! The mantis is still around this morning, so that’s hopeful!

I’ve also found the best time to see and pick budworms, 8-9 p.m. when we are generally making dinner is the best time. They come out to feed, and I can actually get ahold of them and get rid of them. The battle rages on!

In spinning news, nothing new to show you, but I do have a skein of wet handspun sitting next to me. That means tomorrow there will be a finished skein!

But, I thought maybe I’d bring you up to date with my knitting. The cowl I’ve been working on is close to completion, all I need to do is a bind off, but somehow the motivation to get that done seems to be wandering off. So it’s been sitting on the needles that way for days. I think it’s that I love the yarn so much I don’t quite want the project to be done. When I bind off, it’s done.

Instead, I started a new project. This one is out of Miss Marja’s yarn, and it’s also for her. Time to add to her collection.


Look at those colors together! You can perhaps see why I am so eager to work on this, it’s just gorgeous! And you don’t even know all the colors we’ll be getting to yet! The pattern is foreign correspondent’s scarf, but I’ve cast on provisionally so that I can connect it to be a cowl.

That’s all from me, stay tuned for a skein of handspun tomorrow, and see JUST how much more handspun singles I have on the project to mess around with!