I guess you could say that yesterday was spinday. Actually, I finished this skein on Friday, wound it off, and then soaked it saturday morning. After some time outdoors in the afternoon sun, it was dry enough for a photo.


That is 860 yards of 2 ply yarn. One ply is a fat cat knits batt, and the other is loop’s 3 ring circus cloud. It’s possibly my favorite yarn ever created. And, I had almost half a bobbin left of the fat cat knits batt singles!


That’s a ton of leftover singles! I’d been trying to pace myself with making a decision about purchasing some more 3 ring circus, but really as soon as I saw that yarn dry, I had to do it. So, needless to say, I am not done with this spin. And I can’t wait to get the next loop cloud!

In the meantime, I am back to that dyeing arts purple/yellow/grey combo.


I got about half a bobbin of that done yesterday, which feels like amazing progress since the entire project is an 8 oz. one. The weather was blissful yesterday, so much of this was patio spinning while listening to podcasts, just a beautifully relaxing day.

I did get some garden stuff done as well though! I dug up almost all the hostas from my shade garden. That might sound like sacrilege, but when we moved in, hostas were the ONLY thing in that bed, and that was just boring. As of right now, I’ve left 3. However, I think I’ll remove one more. The two that are left are different, one is green leaves with an off white edge, and the other plain green leaves.


I put together a laundry basket of dug out hostas and offered them up to locals on the book of faces. I’ve got two takers, and there are a good 6-8 solid sections that can be taken. I’ll be pleased if they go to a new home, but I am not going to be too upset if they don’t either. I am at a point I can trash them.

The best part? This means I was able to move the faltering bleeding heart I purchased earlier this year. It was desperately trying to produce in the area I placed it, even blooming a couple times, desperately, with one little bleeding heart hanging down. But, it just didn’t seem to be able to get ahead. I moved it to a section where a hosta used to be, giving it plenty of room, and gave it a good watering. This morning it already looks better. It shouldn’t! Transplants shouldn’t look better the day after you transplant. But…nevertheless, it does. It must have been in a fabulously poor place for it!

We did a lot more dividing and moving of plants in the cooler weather yesterday. I dug out some more orange day lilies, divided and moved some mums, and Mr. Ink divided his silver mounds. I even got a chunk of one of those! I am pretty sure I am just about done dividing and moving mums, I suspect the next thing will be just to dig them up and out of my veggie garden. I figure saving one chunk of each is good enough.

Today it may or may not rain. I figure, either way it’s all good. But, if I go out on the patio for some spinning time, it probably will rain! So, that’s what I am headed out to do.