A Spinning Day

Yesterday I spun. I mean, for real, it’s basically ALL I did. I mean, I took a walk, and cleaned a few things up, and swept the patio, but mostly, I spun. Mr. Ink worked on my latest garden wall and edging, and then had a friend over to visit, so he wasn’t asking me to go places or do anything in particular with him, and so I just…spun. All day.


I finished the second bobbin of this dyeing arts 8 oz. project. And then I kept spinning some more, and finished more than half of the third bobbin.


So so much spinning! I haven’t spun like that in ages. It was extremely pleasant to lose an entire day to my wheel.

Mr. Ink did finish the wall and edging of the iris bed. It looks amazing. As is typical with our home, each task becomes a surprise, and the surprise for this task was finding a large pipe of some sort, capped off, directly under the sod. ┬áIt was exactly where Mr. Ink was to be putting stones, so he decided to put one oddly shaped stone there so that we’d know exactly where it was, in case it is an important pipe in the future.


Another great looking improvement in our garden area, I can’t wait to see the next one!