Shiny and New

We’ve had some pretty amazing weather here. In the heat department, upper 90s with feels like temps of 114. Then evening storms. Our Wednesday night surprise storm crept up on us, and then gave us hurricane style wind and sideways rain. It came out of nowhere, and Mr. Ink was outside pulling weeds, so all of a sudden he comes running across the lawn with his weed bucket quite soaked.

We watched that storm from the living room, watching our trees bending dangerously and the busy road completely flooding. It was pretty wild. And, it allowed us to get stuff done in the house since everything was then watered. I did a bunch of plying, Mr. Ink worked on one of his fish tanks, and I ended up finishing a skein.

I hung it out to dry Thursday afternoon, figuring the 97F weather would dry that skein fast. It sure did! So, I got some snapshots of it prior to the next nice big rainstorm that came through.


815 yards of 3 ply fingeringweight yarn. I adore it!

Let’s take another look!


Yep, that one turned out quite well, I am glad I did a full 8 oz project.

During yesterday’s storm, I began spinning up more 3 ring circus so I could complete my 3 ring circus/fatcatknits batt project. The heat has left outdoors so undesirable that my spinning production seems quite high at the moment.

The latest garden area that we edged and walled was an area that was creating a water problem in the basement. Now, our basement isn’t finished, so it isn’t a big deal. However, we’ve been anxious since we moved in to cure that water problem. We decided that before we tried particularly drastic measures like digging trenches and laying in rocks or a pipe for drainage, we’d try the simple measures. Mr. Ink chose the viburnum for that garden as we needed something larger to take up the water there. Removing the rotting raised wood edgers was also priority, and the new garden slopes nicely to the side as well as building up the dirt at the base of the house to keep water from the foundation.

After two heavy rainstorms in a row, causing flash flood warnings to pop up all over my phone, I can honestly say with a bit of confidence we got the basement water issue fixed. We don’t have any immediate plans to finish the basement, but it is one of those things we talk about from time to time. I’d say that getting the water issue fixed is absolutely step one!

That’s all from me this morning, hoping to have a pleasant update tomorrow as well, maybe even some finished yarn again! Have a great weekend everyone!