While You Weren’t Looking

I managed to spin more loop cloud 3 ring circus singles and get those plied with the remainder of my fatcatknits batt. I guessed how much I needed in the way of singles to match the fatcatknits singles. When I finished the fatcatknits singles I had exactly 2 inches of the loop cloud singles left. There’s NO WAY I could have been more accurate in my guess. That was fun!

I ended up with 370 additional yards of this fabulous and weird combination. That means I have a grand total of 1,230 yards of 2 ply!


All I need do now is find the perfect project for them. I feel certain these won’t sit in my stash for long, my obsession is pretty strong with these skeins.

In other news, Miss Butterfly and I have been enjoying some Pokemon Go these past two days. Or rather, I’ve been enjoying the company on my walk, and she has been enjoying pokemon go. I am pretty much her handler while she plays the game. However, we are enjoying it greatly. It gets me out of my walk routine, as she’s off chasing a nearby pokestop, or wanting to explore a new area. And, she wants to play more than I would typically walk, so our walks get long when we have the time for it. It’s been a pretty nice way to spend some time together!

We are headed to a water park this weekend for some fun time away. I figure it is one of the last weekends to do it, since despite the fact that it remains hot here often through September, they close everything up after Labor Day anyhow. So, we’ll enjoy a little quality time with Miss Butterfly while the summer remains.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

4 thoughts on “While You Weren’t Looking

  1. I’m curious about what project you choose (or rather, what project your yarn chooses, as it sometimes happens); I think I haven’t been spinning much because I’m not sure what to do with the handspun I’ve already got. This skein is gorgeous!

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