An Overnighter

We decided, this weekend, to get out of town. Meaning, it’s the end of the summer season really, and we suddenly seem to have decided that gardening ISN’T all there is to life after all! And we have this urge to pack everything into the short time left of summer. Of course, since Miss Butterfly is back in school, we also have to plan those things on the weekends.

We had originally planned for this weekend a 5 hour drive and a camping/tubing trip on a river with some friends. But, Mr. Ink couldn’t get Friday off, and I wasn’t overly eager to take Miss Butterfly out of school after she just started either. The idea of leaving on Friday night, driving 5 hours, setting up 2 tents, sleeping, getting up early to make camping breakfast and then to head out on tubes for an entire day on the river, then making camp food, sleeping, waking up the next morning to pack it all up and drive 5 hours home sounded….well…not that fun. I need a little more time for that trip than we had, so we decided to let go of our deposit for the trip and choose something else instead.

I thought Miss Butterfly would protest this mightily, as she’s the big proponent of camping around here, and really enjoys the tubing trip. However, we also realized the group that we’d be going with had no other children going this year. We kind of count on our group having kids in it, for Miss Butterfly to hang with. Once she realized that no kids were going, she, too, was in for a change of plans.

We left Saturday afternoon, heading to Kansas City. I really enjoy KCMO and have been there many times, so I chose the restaurant that night, we went out for indian food. Basically, it’s much better there than anything we have here. We had a great meal and then went to find our hotel.


It had this great little window seat that Miss Butterfly enjoyed so much. She sat there as late as we allowed, then went to bed. When I woke up in the morning, she was up on that window seat again.

Our outing was a visit to  Schlitterbahn waterpark. We’ve always wanted to go, and it’s certainly something that can all be done in one day, with a drive home after it closes. We spent a lovely day there. The weather was about 87F, so not too hot, the water was plenty warm but not too warm. There were a lot of people there in the middle of the day, but it wasn’t too bad at the beginning and end of the day. We were able to do all the things we wanted to do and then some. Miss Butterfly and I spent a lot of time later in the day just swimming, enjoying the lazy(ish) river without a tube.

We then hit up a local Chili’s, since that seemed fast and easy after a day of swimming.


Unfortunately that poor restaurant was dealing with a major staffing issue that night, only 3 people in the kitchen and 4 on the floor. They were struggling, and as such, we’d gotten quite a lot of free stuff. Here’s Miss Butterfly unwinding and munching while we waited on our food. She looks a little red, but the reality is that this morning, she’s not red at all. She’s such a lucky kid to have her father’s genetics. She just tans right up. Meanwhile, my skin didn’t get so lucky. I am tanned (for me) from gardening, but that wasn’t quite enough, I did fairly well, overall, as not burning is a major challenge for me, but the tops of my feet (Which were whiter than snow and had gotten a lot of sunscreen) burned up pretty well, as well as my knees. Stuff sticking out of the tube really!


She’s playing Sim City here, and I interrupted. It wasn’t so welcome.

We drove home, or should I say I drove home, to the sounds of snoring from Miss Butterfly and Mr. Ink. I’d say it was a pretty pleasant day!

I did get to knit a tiny bit, but not much. Not worth showing off at this time anyhow!

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