Stole My Heart

I’ve been a bit blogging quiet this week. I haven’t felt like I had much to post. Or, perhaps, the sheer exhaustion of every day right now is making me rather uninspired to go that one extra step of taking photographs. I’ve got huge work projects that will culminate with an event mid October and basically, my life is not my own until then.

And I think that’s why a very simple ruched stole has stolen my heart.

I cast this on last weekend, put it down for our overnighter, and then have been knitting on it exclusively at home. I am using 1,000 yards of my own handspun yarn. Two skeins which are supposed to match but do not, because I spun them at different times and the colorways may not be from the same batch of fiber. (I also received that fiber at different times from different places, so that seems likely.)


As you can see, one of them has far more saturated colors than the other. The more saturated one was spun first. Both skeins were spun on spindles, but the earlier skein was at a time when I was less skilled at keeping my yarn even. So, there seem to be loads of differences between the two skeins. In order to make that less noticeable, I decided to alternate rows with this project. ┬áIt seems to be working fairly well. There’s what looks like a stripy bit at the beginning, but then it begins to blend pretty well.

I do believe that the exhaustion of the work week right now lends itself nicely to unwinding with super long rows of just plain knitting and purling.

I did begin a little spinning before we left on our overnighter last weekend. I am spinning up some nunoco batts I had in stash, and they are spinning quite smoothly. I am trying for a thicker yarn, since I often complain about being unable to spin thicker yarns.


Now that I look at it, I am not sure how well I am doing! But it will be a 3 ply, so we’ll see.

In garden news, Mr. Ink brought home 8 boulders, and seems to be using his spare gardening time to prep an area where they will sit. I can’t quite understand his vision right now, so I am looking forward to the end result which I feel confident will be lovely. As for me, my gardening time has been pretty light, but the dahlias I planted rather late are just beginning to bloom, here’s my first one:


Flowers are so exciting and charming! I’ve got a total of 9 dahlias, and they were an assortment, so each one will be a surprise. Though…the other one that looks like it may bloom soon looks like it could match. I need a way to tag my bulbs so I can know which colors I have in the future! We’ll see if I can come up with a system this fall.

One last item of note, I have a new monster in my garden.


I’ve been eyeing this monster for quite awhile now, years! I finally decided the gnomes in the garden could no longer go unchecked, so here we are. He’s currently rampaging among the caladium, but I am not sure it’s his final home yet.

I hope everyone else is having a less busy week than I am, but if not, take heart, the weekend is soon! And I hope to have a finished object to show off at that time.