The Promised FO

Friday evening was full of rain. I had gotten home from work just about the time it started pouring, after another completely nutty day at the office. Mr. Ink was home early, as he was supposed to be at a half day outdoor concert, but that had gotten canceled. He used his extra time gardening, and I pulled into the driveway just in time to witness another one of his mad dashes to the workshop to put away his gardening implements.

He asked me what we should do with our evening, since he now had a free evening and it was raining. I told him that *I* would really like to order pizza and watch TV all evening like normal people. And so that’s what we did. Naturally, this meant a lot of knitting time for me, and I finished, soaked, and blocked the cowl I’ve been working on for Miss Marja out of her handspun.

Turned out quite beautifully, those colors really compliment each other nicely.

This morning I woke up pretty early, checked the temp, and realized it was a very cool comfortable 60F outside. I rolled over and told Mr. Ink it was 60 and I didn’t want to miss it, so I wasn’t going back to sleep! I opened all the windows and doors, and enjoyed a quiet morning walking around my garden with my coffee. While I know I’ll have to get some mowing done, I’ve been taking it pretty easy this morning, really just enjoying the quiet and the lack of stuff that truly needs to be done. I did dig out some more day lily sprouts in the veggie garden, but that’s really about it so far. Meanwhile, I’ve enjoyed some spindle spinning today. I don’t feel like wheel spinning at the moment, and am bored of knitting. So, I pulled out my 8 oz crown mountain farms project I started ages ago, and got a little more on that done. I guess kicking back with my feet up is my perfect place at the moment. What’s your favorite way of dealing with an overwhelming work week?

3 thoughts on “The Promised FO

  1. Lots of naps when I’m overwhelmed from work. The cowl colors are just so lovely. Sometimes after a rough week I need to watch Groundhog day or The MOney pit or Lampoon vacation or My cousin vinny or Stand By me. Or amy beth podcasts at Fatsquirrel

    • Naps-like rebooting the computer that is our brain! Yes. I agree, naps are so important during stressful work times. I didn’t think of watching great comedy movies, I’ll have to give that a try. I like listening to a stand up comedian run podcast called “Probably Science” too, it’s often a lot of goofiness, and that helps to distract from the stress. I’ll try your podcast suggestion as well.

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