Feet up

On the couch, feet up, spinning. That’s how I spent a good portion of my day yesterday.


I made good progress too! Here’s where I started:


I began the project in March, and that’s exactly how far I got. as you can tell, I added to those two spindles, and then pulled out another 3. This is an 8 oz. project and somehow I’ve got it in my head that I should do it all on spindles. That being said, any other time I’ve said that, I eventually get bored with that idea, want a finished object, and spin the rest up on my wheel. We’ll see what happens this time.

As is always the case with Crown Mountain Farms, I tend to want to make a 3 ply since the colors are so crazy and different. But, it would also be fun to someday try a 2 ply. But, that’s hard to do when the fiber is so hard to come by these days in the first place. So, I haven’t decided if this will be my 2 ply or if I’ll wait and hope to get my hands on more CMF in the future. (Um, NOT counting the 3 bumps I have in stash currently.)

We did also do yard work, mowing in particular needed to be done, and I got a nice long walk in too. I am guessing we are looking at more of the same today. I know that cleaning out the fridge is on my list, due to a spill. However, despite the fact that I never WANT to do that job, it doesn’t actually take that long, I just avoid it on principle. But, I’ll also continue to enjoy my spinning today, maybe a little knitting too!

One thought on “Feet up

  1. Goregous fiber, as well as spindles. Having not done a traditional three ply, or at least not in recent memory, I am inclined to vote that, but a two ply would be mighty interesting with all that blue. No matter what it will end up looking amazing (as always.)

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