I am through the second ruched section on my stole, I think there’s only 3 ruched sections. Though, depending on my yarn amounts, I might be convinced to knit another, we’ll see. The yarn really is amazingly soft, and I can only imagine that the ruching will making it sit nicely on the shoulders. This sounds quite lovely at the moment, considering how cool the mornings have been. Not that I expect that to last, it’s a little early for cool mornings around here.

It remained a quiet weekend for me, I didn’t even get the fridge cleaned out. We did go on a nice motorbike ride for lunch, it turned out to be a highly pleasant endeavor, and I could have kept riding most of the day. That’s not a thought process I’ve had this year very often, so it was welcome.

Mr. Ink, however, worked on another big gardening project involving rocks. I’ll try to snap a photo tonight, as it looks amazing so far, and he’s not even done.

Early in the year we had sat down and made quite a few lists. Lists for house projects, yard projects, motorbike projects, and bike projects. Long term stuff that needs attention, as well as shorter term stuff that could easily get done without too much time investment. We promptly put those lists aside and didn’t look at them again.

Yesterday I was doing a bit of sorting and came across the lists. It was absolutely amazing to me just how much we did get done even without consulting the list. Of course, then we also took the opportunity to add to the list. Because that’s kind of how lists go!

I am off for a work retreat tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes! I am hoping it brings me some extra knitting time, but I am not sure if that will be the case or not this time.