The Trip

My overnight work retreat was a smashing success. Which is great, since I planned it. In the planning stages, quite a few things went wrong, such as the sales person somehow thinking I wanted different dates than I had asked for, then completely failing to get me a contract in a reasonable amount of time. I got the contract about a month before the event, noticed the incorrect dates, and pulled out the email I had sent with the dates I had asked for. Then, naturally, they didn’t have space for us, couldn’t guarantee the rooms we’d asked for, etc. To which I just kept saying “I am sorry, without that, I cannot sign this contract.” Until they finally figured out a way to bring their mix up to a satisfactory conclusion.

It was highly stressful. And I was, I admit, bemused, since they’d been courting me hard for the past 5 years to do this event again. That’s right, it had been 5 years since we’d had the event. I remember being not overly impressed with the overnight rooms at the venue, as well as having other disorganization issues, so I wasn’t easy to court. The rooms were shoddy, and there were beetles in the corner of my 4th floor rooms both times I’d been there. I am not afraid of bugs, but seeing them in a hotel room does make you question a thing or two.

Thankfully, once at the venue, I realized that the rooms had all been updated and were quite tidy, no sign of any beetles. The event went beautifully, no issues at all with staff (Except for the one person who decided to vacuum the door frame on the outside of our meeting room WHILE the meeting was in session, what was that about?!?!)

We like to spend time on the deck of the venue in the evening, so I’d been concerned about a storm I’d been tracking all evening, set to hit at 6:30 p.m., ruining our outdoor social time. But it did not hit at 6:30, though there were multiple storms all around us. We socialized on the deck and watched the lightning everywhere, but the storm didn’t hit us until 11:30 p.m., right around the time where the group should have been headed to bed anyhow.

On Wednesday morning I woke up quite early, figuring I could get breakfast and a walk in before the session began again. I put on my sneakers and headed downstairs for breakfast, thinking that I felt something in the toe of my shoe. A rock, or some such thing, but I really wasn’t sure where I’d picked it up, I hadn’t felt it the day before, and hadn’t walked through any gravel. I ignored it, and didn’t feel it for awhile. I had breakfast, and took a walk. That stone bothered me, but not enough to make me sit down and do something about it. I got back and headed up to my room for a few minutes of knitting, which I did. Then, I thought “Before I forget, I really should get that stone out of my shoe.” ┬áSo, I took off my shoe, and dumped it out. Only to find that “stone” was a real live beetle. Still alive! He must have crawled in there during the night, thinking it a good place to live. I sure showed him.

He scurried off, and I realized that 5 years later, things might look fancier, but we were still in the wilderness.


And really, there was only one thing to do. After the event was over, I took a nice long walk through the woods, and the surrounding areas.


Exploring and seeing what there was to see.


That’s not something I’d done before, so it was quite a pleasant endeavor and I am glad I did.

Mr. Ink stayed with Miss Butterfly, and it apparently went perfectly well. I was told that burgers, homemade french fries, and chocolate shakes during a movie were had. It’s nice, REALLY NICE, to be able to go away for work and just not worry.