Work Trip Knitting

I didn’t do much knitting on the work trip. While I used to knit at those events quite a lot, I find myself not really wanting to these days. Instead, I actually want to hear the lectures, learn more about the science. If the topics get so heavy my brain won’t understand even a little of them, I might do a little reading on my phone under the table. That might have worked this trip, except I forgot my phone charger. So, reading under the table wasn’t necessarily an option for very long.

Since I am an early riser however, I did get an opportunity to both go for a walk and get some knitting done in my room prior to the start of the morning session.


So I worked on a new project. It’s a 2 color baktus scarf out of berroco lustra. I’ve had this in stash for ages, I tried to make it into a 2 color sweater years ago, but it didn’t work. My knitting knowledge was pretty light back then, and I didn’t realize that the lustra, being a yarn with very little give, would make a 2 color sweater extremely difficult. In the end, I used that lovely grey for a lacy sweater that turned out great, and have had the leftover red and grey in my stash since then. It is absolutely time to use it up! And this baktus scarf looks quite nice. I guess I picked those colors for a reason, almost 10 years later, I still love them together.

2 garden photos today, my next dahlia, which has more of an orange tone than the last one, and a zinnia that a bee is enjoying quite a lot. I have another dahlia blooming, but it seems to be tasty to a certain type of bug in my garden that is trying to eat all my nice flowers, so I didn’t bother to take a picture. Hopefully I can save the next bloom on that plant for a photo.

That’s about it from me, next photos will probably be from a biking music festival we are attending this weekend. Expect those photos to look bedraggled, as it’s supposed to rain all weekend. We’ll attend anyhow, I believe, and attempt to suck it up.