Weekend Trip

Mr. Ink and I spent this weekend at a biking/camping/music festival. Quite frankly, the two of us have been so entirely focused on the yard that the summer slipped by, and we ended up looking around and wondering where it went, and why we hadn’t been out having fun. (Well, the yard is fun. BUT, that’s not the type of fun we ended up looking for.)

Last weekend, I decided to purchase a new to me, one of a kind, fat bike. Quite frankly, it’s maybe more like I am the bike’s foster parent, as the previous owner didn’t truly want to sell it. So, I have given her the option of purchasing it back in the future if she decides she’d like to. In the meantime, I have a cool new bike to run around on, and that’s great fun for me.

Now, fat bikes are still a bit of a niche item, and you don’t see that many of them on regular rides. Though there are more and more all the time. In part, it’s because they take a lot more energy and muscles to actually ride. Those thick tires really hold you back, and the frames are heavy as well. I decided to take my new bike on the jamboree with me, even with Mr. Ink’s questioning of my plan.


Here she is, isn’t she the cutest? I ended up doing great! A little slower than usual, but Mr. Ink didn’t seem to mind at all, and agreed that it had gone better than he’d expected. The real bonus to these types of bikes is that you can roll over anything and you just don’t feel it. So, instead of avoiding sticks and cracks and bumps and fields, I head directly to them, running anything in my path over with my big fat tires, and it absolutely brings a grin to my face. Furthermore, the custom paint job on this one brings smiles to the faces of everyone around me. This is an awfully joyful bike! If someone commented on it at a stop, I’d let them take it for a spin, and the general consensus was that riding it makes you feel like a kid again, and that’s exactly the experience I had with it.

In the end, I rode 72 miles in 2 days on this bike. On a normal bike, that’s a long ride, but nothing to brag about for me. But on this thing? Yep, I am bragging!

The jamboree has a stop every 7-10 miles where you can rest and listen to live music, and then it culminates with a couple live bands in the destination town where we all camp. The headliner this year, and what truly sealed the deal on the trip, was Big Bad Voodoo Daddies. That just seemed like a fun show to see, and indeed it was!


I don’t love camping, but even that went well. I slept okish, and the trip home the next day was great. It did NOT rain! We arrived home, and I took a look at the radar only to see a huge storm popping up over the trail we’d just been on, encompassing the entire 35 miles we’d ridden. Boy were we fortunate!!! And I am glad we’d decided not to dawdle, but get home and take care of business.

Once home, all sore, sweaty, and exhausted, we decided to mow while we were still gross. I think between 4 p.m. and 11 p.m. on Sunday evening we managed to pack an entire weekend’s worth of work. Maybe not quite, but it felt like it!

In spinning news, on Friday night, in between packing for our trip, I finished the entire 8 oz. of crown mountain farms singles I’d been putting on support spindles. I am not sure if this is the first time I’ve ever done 8 oz. exclusively on support spindles, but if I have, it’s really rare. Generally I start out on support spindles, get bored of having an unfinished project, and throw the remainder on the wheel. This time? That entire 8 oz is on the spindles.


And, they look quite nice! I don’t think I’ll get an opportunity to ply these immediately though. I started a 3 batt project on my wheel before the wheel fell out of favor, and I suspect I’ll finish those singles first, then ply these singles after. I do actually have my heart set on a 3 ply, I think that will be the best use of these colors overall.

I hope everyone had a great weekend, now it’s time for me to catch up on your blogs!


6 thoughts on “Weekend Trip

    • I will probably make a center pull ball out of 2 or 3 spindles worth of singles, because that seems to work best toward the end of the plying project. Then, I’ll just start plying off the spindles, joining singles as I go. It works reasonably well. Not perfect, but reasonably well. (Now that you mention it, I should look into what type of lazy kates are out there for spindle spinners. But, I do it so rarely, it would probably be a pointless purchase.)

      Thanks for the bike compliment too! Mr. Ink was like “BUT YOU DON’T LIKE PINK!” And I said “BUT CUSTOM PAINT JOB OF A COLOR OF A VINTAGE CAR JUST LIKE MY YELLOW BIKE!” And that’s when I decided pink was just fine with me.

      • Can’t wait to see that finished yarn! It sounds complicated to me…

        Sometimes pink is OK. 🙂 It has it’s moments. a cheerful pink bike is one of those times! It suits the vehicle, you are right. And if you are ever lost, he will be able to find you, everyone will remember seeing that pretty thing.

    • We did! I am still feeling it today I think. I really wasn’t sure I’d do the entire ride, but as it turned out, I was ok. It was really my bum that took the worst of it! Thank you for the compliment, I think she’s a pretty cool bike too!

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