An Easy Project

When I was a kid, I had so many stuffed animals! And one of the things I’d seen in a magazine somewhere was one of those hammocks you could hang on the wall and put your stuffed animals in. I craved one of those so hard! But it was not to be, and probably because stuffed animal ownership wasn’t exactly something my mother encouraged, due to a combination of dust allergies on my part, and my own tendency to keep every single thing that wandered into the house.

My kid follows close behind in the stuffed animal ownership department. She’s got a lot of them, and they drive me nuts, but she doesn’t have the allergies to really mess with her health, so the stuffed animals have stuck around. The other day I noticed a pattern for a crocheted plushie hammock, and boy I jumped right on that!

It was super easy to make, and I hung it using the 3m hooks that don’t ruin the walls.


It’s large! And it’s now ridiculously full. Miss Butterfly got nervous actually, about having this over her head at night. “What if it breaks?!” She wondered. I said “Well, then you’ll be buried in an avalanche of stuffed animals. And I doubt that will even hurt.”

The observant among you may notice this is one of those extremely rare occasions when I decided to crochet. I’ll admit, I am always somewhat uninspired to start a crochet project, and I am certainly not particularly skilled at it, but I do love how fast it goes once I do start it!

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