Sniffles and Sneezes

On Monday evening, I decided to work a bit on my batt that I’d begun on the wheel. An odd thing happened. My eyes started to itch and my throat got all scratchy and some sneezing was done. It took me awhile, but I finally realized that it was likely that I was NOT getting sick, but could have something to do with my fiber. To be honest, it had a very slightly musty smell when I took it out of the package. Probably not noticeable to the general public, but as Mr. Ink says, I’ve got an oversensitive nose.

Well, my nose, AS USUAL, was not wrong. I sniffled and sneezed through the rest of that batt, and then washed my hands and face, ate dinner, took a benadryl, and went to bed.


There’s the resulting singles. They are quite pretty actually! But not sure they were entirely worth it. The unfortunate fact is…I’ve got 3 more of these batts! And, I just CANNOT toss them or give them away, I mean, fiber is an investment. So, I think I will spin them. I just have to pick a day that I am willing to power through them all at once, and deal with the resulting allergies.

I do think that once the yarn is properly washed, it won’t be a problem. I just have to get it to a point where it can be washed.

I do have a long weekend coming up, made longer by the fact I took an extra day off. So, I am thinking I may just pick one of those days as “the” day to¬†finish the project.

In any case, that’s where I am right now! I admit that because of this, I haven’t been able to get tiny bits of spinning done in the mornings before work, lest I go to work allergic. And last night we had company. So crafting is slightly slow going at the moment. I AM hoping it picks up quite a bit over the long weekend!