Ruched Scarf

At any other time, I would have considered this an exceedingly boring knit. But, at this time in my life, it’s JUST what I needed. And honestly? It turned out better than I imagined as well.

I alternated skeins of handspun that were the same colorway but different dye lots. They were also skeins of different skill levels. That did keep things on mostly an even keel.

This is one amazingly soft and squishy item. I am sure that has something to do with the ruching having been knit on much bigger needles than the non ruched parts. If I’d had enough yarn, I probably would have added another ruched section, and then it would have been almost too wide! As it is, it’ll make a lovely and serviceable scarf.

This one finished up and left me with what felt like a bit of a black hole in my knitting. I couldn’t quite figure out what to do next, I didn’t have time or energy to cast on the more complicated cowl I planned to knit next, I’d left my other project at work, I am not currently spinning due to the allergy situation, and all my support spindles (Well, all the ones I love anyhow) are full of singles and quite frankly I wasn’t feeling the energy to start plying at the wheel anyhow.

I ended up grabbing the ball of yarn from my yarn bowl monster head


And I cast on for a project out of that handspun. Naturally, this means I need to make a new brain for my yarn bowl. And take a new photo too, because that christmas cactus has about doubled in size!

It’s my Friday! I have 4 whole days of glorious almost nothing planned. I have a plan to knit, spin, and binge watch Fringe, as I am partway through season 3, and would LOVE to complete it before it leaves Netflix on Sept. 11. (though looking at just how many episodes that is…it seems unlikely I’ll manage that.) Miss Butterfly has a sleepover planned tomorrow evening, so the house will be full of some of my favorite kids.

What are you anticipating over the weekend?



5 thoughts on “Ruched Scarf

  1. that scarf is quite beautiful! good job. 🙂 So what did you cast on with the brain?

    4 days, and at least one of knitting, plying, spinning whatever you do sounds quite nice! We are on a stay-cation starting tomorrow after work, and there is definitely knitting and spinning on my list, too. 🙂

    Enjoy the sleepover – hope you get some sleep!

  2. I did a ruched scarf once. It was fun. Well it was a cowl. I LOVe yours and it looks squishy

    Weekend: The fair. ITs all these people talk about. I have to go!
    Friends visiting us at the new house. 🙂

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