I truly think that the baktus pattern is wonderful to knit, despite the fact I rarely find myself wearing the finished object. Perhaps because it’s a fast knit, and I often give away the finished object.

My current baktus is proceeding much the way others have, quickly, with great mindless enjoyment. I’ve begun the decreasing portion, and am thrilled that this little stashbuster is getting 2 more skeins out of my house. Or rather, into an object that can happily leave my house.


I’d been working on this at work, but with my 4 day weekend and me being so close to done, I brought it home. I’ll find something else new and mindless for work next week.

And now? Time to make breakfast, do chores, and then have a little fun with my quiet day off!

One thought on “Baktus

  1. I love knits like that! I am thinking my next one will be a hitchhiker, when I finish off my “mobile” project. It is easy and fun to knit, and you can go until you are out of yarn so no odd bits left. 😉

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