Pushing Through

Yesterday, a day off for me, was absolutely lovely. It was a comfortable temp, and I drove out with a friend to see an exhibition at a gallery in another city. I’ll have some photos of that at some point, but I haven’t gone through and picked the best yet. We also walked around quite a bit and played a little pokemon. While Miss Butterfly has been playing while we walk sometimes, that was the first time that I had played myself. It was fun!

Once home, after a nap and while I waited for the girls to come home, I decided to start spinning on the porch. Yes, girls, because Miss Butterfly was having a sleepover.

I powered through the second allergy causing batt last evening.


It’s the one with the pink. I spun outdoors since the weather was so pleasant, and that did seem to help!

Mr. Ink and I also cleaned the gutters, a job that fills me with fear even though he’s the one on the roof. Then I sat back down, and worked on the third batt.

The girls made chocolate chip cookies, and Mr. Ink made dinner, and I kept spinning. The girls went to the neighbors, where another sleep over was taking place with 3 other little girls, and then decided to stay there for the night. That mother must have more patience than me, or they have a much larger house. 5 little girls, 4 of which are not your own? But she was most agreeable to the idea even so.

Mr. Ink put in an episode of Fargo that we are working our way through, and I kept spinning.


And now I am halfway through the third batt as well. I am a little sniffly this morning, but the intention is to power through the rest of this today, if possible, and then put it to rest. Thankfully, it’s again gorgeous outside, so I’ll be able to work more outdoors until the sun hits the patio.

I have two more projects from this same company sitting in stash. I don’t know if the next two projects will cause the same issues. I am not overly eager to find out. But, my optimistic brain says this project is a one off, and it won’t happen again.