Pushing Through to Completion


Yesterday morning I kept after those singles, sitting out on my patio in the cool weather for awhile, then moving inside when the sun came out. I had invited Miss Marja over to keep me inspired, so she came for a visit, and by that time I was plying.

I ended up finishing, soaking, and hanging the yarn to dry in the sun and wind yesterday.


I ended up with 300 yards of a 3 ply dk to worsted weight yarn, I am not sure which, I need to get out my WPI tool. It turned out pretty well, and I kept the allergies to a minimum I think. And I am quite pleased with the resulting thicker yarn!

It stayed a pretty quiet day yesterday. We got the mowing done, we wandered off to a plant store where Mr. Ink picked up 3 more tiny evergreens at 75% off and I drooled over a rose but didn’t purchase. Yet. They are having a big sale soon. Miss Bug was out and about with friends all day, despite having had a sleep over the night before, then she was off to watch a football game with her dad. Only to return and go nextdoor for another sleep over. We will be insisting she spend a little time at home later today and tomorrow.

This, naturally, left time for me to work on more plying.


I know I kept talking about my CMF singles and how I thought I would 3 ply them due to the crazy colors. Guys? I don’t even know if I will ever get my hands on another CMF superwash merino bump, and I REALLY wanted some 2 ply laceweight out of it. So that’s what I ended up doing. And I am pleased with the result so far! I started with 11 spindles, I’ve now got 6 left to ply. So, it was a pretty decent start!

We are supposed to have another fairly gorgeous day. Maybe not SO gorgeous as to find that I need a jacket to sit on the patio in the evening, but certainly not miserable either. Tomorrow it’ll be in the 90s again, so we are taking what we can out of today, hopefully going for a bike ride, and spending time outdoors. Then maybe we’ll just swim tomorrow. But, we ARE achieving restful I think!