Finished Objects and Other Lovely Things

I have done what I set out to do this weekend, I’ve relaxed and crafted. Though…I haven’t binged watched netflix even though it was on my list. The thing is, I realized that there’s really no TV out there that I want to binge watch and miss wonderful weather for. So that got shoved to the side.


I finished plying some singles!


I finished my 2 color baktus scarf! (It’s huge! And I’ll never wear it, so it’s in the gift pile.)

I took pictures of my lovely dahlia.


And, I helped Mr. Ink get another load of stones and edge another section of garden.


(Before and After)

And I might just have another knitted finished object before too long!

Plan for today? Well, it’s gonna be another hot one. Miss Butterfly and I will start the day with some pokemon playing and walking at a local park, in hopes to find some we haven’t seen before. Then I am not sure. It’s kind of up to Mr. Ink as I’d be satisfied to stay home and clean and craft. But, if he’s got other ideas, I’d be up for them too.