A Quick Project

I am not sure if I felt that this project went quickly or the week went quickly. That’s still to be decided. Could be a little of both. However, the two batt project I had chosen for my next spinning project is already spun and plied!


The batts were from BeeMiceElf. And, the yarn has more add ins than is showing up here I think! It’s a 2 ply yarn, and I got 305 yards from ┬áit. I tried to spin a thicker single again for these, as I figured that would even out the chunky stuff, and it seems to have. I would say it’s about a dk weight, but I didn’t actively measure it or anything.

Anyhow, it was a good little project! Lots of fun, very quick, and the colors are lovely. Time to choose another spinning project! (Though I seem to actually be suffering from a case of castonitis right now.)