A Wonderful Day

Miss Butterfly, Mr. Ink, and I all had/took yesterday off. Mr. Ink has been on vacation all week, getting various projects and yard work done around the house. Miss Butterfly had a scheduled day off school. While I could not take the entire week off due to work projects, I was able to sneak in a Friday off. This will be it, I think, prior to the large conference coming up mid October.

Mr. Ink had suggested a zoo visit, but, while I don’t really know what’s wrong with me, I never really enjoy visiting the zoo. We have an amazing zoo here! But, it makes me feel hot and sweaty, it’s stinky, because that’s the way zoos are, and I always feel like the hot sweaty stink clings and I come home with it all sticking to me. Seriously, I have no idea what’s wrong with me, but it doesn’t make a pleasurable experience for me. So instead, I suggested the local botanical garden. Mr. Ink and I never had been there, and so he said maybe we could do both. I didn’t think we could, so I said “Let’s start with the botanical gardens.”

We got in there, and Mr. Ink realized just how large it was. We spent all day, we ended up leaving for lunch around 2 p.m., eating at a local long established restaurant, then headed back for more botanical garden fun. At the end of the day, Mr. Ink decided that a membership would be in order for us, as we are all quite interested in plants and gardening, and it seems likely that we could easily go at least once each season, enjoying different blooms.

I didn’t take many photos during the day. Most of Mr. Ink’s photos were ones of labels on plants for future reference. Mostly though, we just took it all in and came home full of beauty and ideas. And we didn’t even see it all!

Once home, and after I took a quick nap, I got to do some spinning. I finished up a bobbin. This is another 8 oz project, and it’ll be a 4 ply yarn.


The early morning light has this looking a little more neon than it appears in real life, but I am just impressed I got some spinning done!

This morning was a bit of a surprise. Miss Butterfly headed to a friends house last night for a sleep over. And then I realized that Mr. Ink returned to work this morning rather than Monday morning like I had expected. So, I ended up with a surprise quiet morning! In which to do laundry and other various household tasks. But, there’s still something quite delicious about doing those tasks in a thoroughly quiet home.

How’s your weekend going?