Productive Relaxing

Since yesterday was a surprise alone morning, I took full advantage by doing house chores and crafting. And a tiny bit of gardening. Once Mr. Ink got home, we hit up a garden shop and a hardware store for a couple things and then I got back to it with the crafting.


I’d say it went well! I am hoping to finish the 4th bobbin today and perhaps start on some plying. But, I would also like to get a load of stuff to goodwill and take a nice long walk. But for now? Coffee, blogging, and relaxing.

While at the garden shop, I was enjoying all the glorious mums, they look so amazing this time of year. However, I’ve got three different kinds of mums in my garden already, and I didn’t feel an overwhelming need for more. Until I saw these red mums.


Mr Ink was in total agreement that they were glorious, and so we got them. At the end of the season I’ll divide them up and put them in the garden to see if they make it another season. All we have in there is pink, purple, and white so I think the red are a wonderful addition. There was another I really liked that was cream into coral, but I figured one a year with the mums is plenty!

My day was exactly what I needed yesterday, so we will see if I can manage the same today!

One thought on “Productive Relaxing

  1. a wonderful day indeed! Love the mums – they rarely winter over here, so I am jealous that you can plant them and get something! Pretty bobbins as well – as always!

    Glad you had a relaxing day. 🙂

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