Just Keep Spinning

That should be my motto I think. It’s how I act on a bike, no matter how tough the ride gets, and it’s how I go about my time at home too, if I’ve got free time.

I’ve decided to wait to show you a picture of my finished 4 ply. The picture I took yesterday turned the entire skein blue, and that wasn’t happy for me. Instead, I’ll show you what I got done in the dyeing department.


The green and the gold are on a light grey romney, the wine color is on a dark grey romney. Another great addition to my collection. I dyed up two more yesterday, but have to wait for them to dry to take photographs. That leaves me with one more 2 oz. bump of dark grey romney, and then I’ll be working through a pound of BFL/silk.

Since I finished my 4 ply, I needed another wheel project. I kind of try to alternate between wool top and batts, since I like batts better, and the danger is failing to work through the tops in my collection that I DO love, even though I tend to spin batts more readily. Well, the 4 ply was 8 oz. of top, so now I get to spin some batts, and I chose the over 7 oz. of batts of my own creation. The story of their transformation from some pretty lackluster top to great batts is here. I read that I had originally intended to spin those batts as a 3 ply, but I’ve changed my mind. These are becoming a 2 ply. I am quite pleased with the singles thus far!


This one? The photo looks just as rich and beautiful as it looks in real life. I think I’ll just keep spinning.