Just Keep Spinning

That should be my motto I think. It’s how I act on a bike, no matter how tough the ride gets, and it’s how I go about my time at home too, if I’ve got free time.

I’ve decided to wait to show you a picture of my finished 4 ply. The picture I took yesterday turned the entire skein blue, and that wasn’t happy for me. Instead, I’ll show you what I got done in the dyeing department.


The green and the gold are on a light grey romney, the wine color is on a dark grey romney. Another great addition to my collection. I dyed up two more yesterday, but have to wait for them to dry to take photographs. That leaves me with one more 2 oz. bump of dark grey romney, and then I’ll be working through a pound of BFL/silk.

Since I finished my 4 ply, I needed another wheel project. I kind of try to alternate between wool top and batts, since I like batts better, and the danger is failing to work through the tops in my collection that I DO love, even though I tend to spin batts more readily. Well, the 4 ply was 8 oz. of top, so now I get to spin some batts, and I chose the over 7 oz. of batts of my own creation. The story of their transformation from some pretty lackluster top to great batts is here. I read that I had originally intended to spin those batts as a 3 ply, but I’ve changed my mind. These are becoming a 2 ply. I am quite pleased with the singles thus far!


This one? The photo looks just as rich and beautiful as it looks in real life. I think I’ll just keep spinning.

4 thoughts on “Just Keep Spinning

  1. Fwiw the top bundle AND the grass look blue on my monitor, so you may have something going on either with your camera settings or your own screen. I normally see online photos very true to life, including your banner for instance. Your spinning wheel also looks how I’d expect.

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