Correct Color

I went back and photographed yesterday’s fiber again, along with two new bumps. Let’s see if this looks a bit more accurate!


For the record, the two new bumps are the ones on top. The one that LOOKED like the one on the top left yesterday, is the middle left. I think the colors look far better here. It always takes some time to adjust to the different light when it starts to get dark faster.

I also took a new picture of the handspun I finished. It’s also more accurate, so I can post now.


8 oz of fiber, which is BFL and silk, 290 yards 4 ply yarn. I may have no idea what to do with it, but I do LOVE it. I love the roundness of a 4 ply, and the way the colors mix up. I don’t love picking a pattern. 🙂

I got two more fiber bumps dyed yesterday evening. I had thought that all I had left of commercial top to dye was a pound of undyed BFL silk, but when I went to open the cupboard where I store that, numerous bumps of undyed commercial top fell out. So, I might be at this a little longer than I had anticipated. That’s ok, despite not enjoying dyeing all that much, I haven’t found the crock pot method I am using to be too terribly irritating. More of a set it and forget it process.

The whole point of getting this dyeing done is to get rid of some of the dyeing supplies and dyes because I am not in love with it. I want to scale back majorly. I have already been able to throw away 2 small dye containers, despite having far more dyes than I had actually realized. I have paired down my equipment as well, though there’s still a little more work to do in that department.

Having moved to a new house has really scaled back my desire to work with dyes as well. In the old rented house, I can’t say I cared much about screwing up my kitchen with dyes. After all, it hadn’t been remodeled since the 50s and desperately needed to be. But now? I have to live with the kitchen I have for awhile, and it’s my own. So dyeing has been relegated to the unfinished basement. It needs a clean out, and a year of living has created a fairly buggy space, as is typical for an unfinished basement. There are cobwebs hanging from everything. It’s…unpleasant. And, my only water access down there is the creepy basement shower, which works but isn’t particularly enjoyable to use for dye purposes.

As I write this, I think to myself that maybe finishing that basement WOULD be a good idea. Finish it into a studio, rather than a rec room that would never get used. But, it’s probably a bigger job than I’d like to take on at the moment.

In any case, now I’ve blathered, and bored my readers. Suffice it to say, there’ll be a lot more pictures of dyed fiber in the near future as I work through the undyed stash. That’s all.

One thought on “Correct Color

  1. those colors look a lot more like what you were describing. 🙂 New yarn is pretty. 4 ply, huh? Traditional plying or something different?

    I think a craft room in the cool basement would be great – maybe Mr. Ink can get to it after the garden goes to bed for the winter, lol.

    I am just starting with dying things, and so far have enjoyed it, but I can see if you aren’t; doing it in a great place, it would not be fun.

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