Crafting came to a quick halt yesterday when our AC went out. It’s still over 90 here this week, so you can imagine our dismay! Yes, I know, Mr. Ink and I both don’t tend to let the heat stop us much, but that’s mostly due to AC and the ability to get indoors and cool off.

That wasn’t the case yesterday. It was quite irritating. I’d had a meeting downtown at the end of work, and while already downtown, figured I’d hook up with friends who live downtown for happy hour. I’d gotten a message from Mr. Ink that the house was quite warm, but I wasn’t alarmed at that point, since we’ve got some deal with the electric company that they can remotely turn off our AC twice a year during the day, saving them power and us money. We’d caught it happening earlier in the year, and figured it was our second go ’round.

But…that wasn’t the case. The AC wasn’t running at all. Thus, all yarn dyeing, laundry doing, dishwasher running, and food cooking also went on halt. It was a slow evening of sitting, and a long night of sleeping poorly.

Thankfully, it’s a lot easier to get a tech in at the end of the season than it is at the beginning of the season. I got a tech in this afternoon, took a half day from work, and let them do their work. Thankfully it was about an hour and a half of work, and a fairly inexpensive fix. (As inexpensive as these things ever are, we don’t need a new unit, and for that I am extremely grateful!)

So, I don’t have much to show you in the way of crafting, but in interest of getting a blog post up, I do have pictures of Mr. Ink’s latest garden area. Now, originally, I would mow around the front of the house. But now that there are 4 trees to mow around, I refuse to mow the front. It’s too much of a pain in the butt. I do the back and the side, and Mr. Ink has agreed to take over the front now.

Well, he got sick of mowing around stuff too, but his nemesis ended up being the downspout. So, he made a new garden.


I believe the idea is to chop back the downspout a bit, but he’s quite pleased with this arrangement, and is already talking about what annuals he’ll plant there next year.

Want a closer look at that new rose?


That’s my peace rose! Mr. Ink got it for me while he was on vacation. A local nursery was having a huge sale, and I’d had my eye on it since the beginning of the season. It seems to be taking it’s new home quite well.

Mr Ink has been digging more sod up recently, so I suspect more garden is to go in shortly. He’s also got a plethora of interesting evergreens in pots on the patio. But, much to our chagrin, it’s supposed to rain all day tomorrow. This will halt our progress quite a bit. Well, there’s always the basement needing a clean out!

Happy Friday friends, Talk tomorrow, when I can add photos of dyed wool.