Rainy Days

Yesterday was a day full of rain. All day rain. Not really overwhelming storms, just all day mostly gentle, but not gentle enough to be out in rain.

It forced an in day for us, and I think that was best for Mr. Ink and I. I did a bunch of spinning and knitting and dyeing. He pulled out the multiple boxes of paperwork saved from his mom’s house, as well as the stuff he’d brought home from her safe deposit box a few weeks ago, and decided to work out what needed to be saved and what could be let go of.

Now, she had a habit of making multiple copies of everything. When we were cleaning out her house, there were files all the way back to the 1960s and often there were 12 copies of everything. Mr. Ink’s sister in law and I went through that stuff back then and got it down to a reasonable level. However, that reasonable level, which entered our home, combined with what was saved from her apartment and entered our home, combined with the contents of the safe deposit box, means we had multiple copies yet again. Mr. Ink would sit there and exclaim “There are 3 copies of this pointless document!!!!” And I’d sort of roll my eyes because he has NO IDEA that 3 is a pretty good amount, all things considered.

He did manage to bring those documents down to a VERY reasonable level though. The safe deposit box hadn’t been cleaned out in probably 20 years, and there were a lot of pointless documents in there. What goes back will be so much simpler to sift through when it needs doing. And we’ve got a box that we will keep here at the house. There’s an envelope of stuff that’s family history that will go to his brother as well. And then there’s recycle and shred, making up the largest amount.

When I said I wanted to clean out the basement, I had no idea that these boxes would actually get dealt with. I just expected them to move from place to place. So I am WELL PLEASED. Plus, it’s just nice to be in the house on a rainy day, especially if you are doing what you love, and spending time with a person whose company you quite enjoy.

Did I mention the dyeing? I got a LOT of that done.


Using my crock pot slow dye method, it really leaves plenty of room for other activities. The top 3 are falkland wool, the bottom 4 are masham. The 2 darker reds are SLIGHTLY different colors. One being “vermillion” and one being “plum.” But, they are awfully close. Disappointingly close really. I shouldn’t be disappointed, after all, I am working on more dyeing today. I doubt I can get through the pound of BFL silk I’ve got up next, but I am hoping to make headway.

And, I did finish spinning the 7.5 ounces of singles I had on the wheel.


They are looking great, I think I am going to love the resulting blue yarn!

Today is supposed to be clear, cool, and comfortable. I do believe that outdoors time will be in order. I can’t wait!