Of Dyeing and Spinning

My weekend was overall quite relaxing. Mr. Ink and I took our bikes out for a ride around a couple of lakes. I think I am ready to start a movement. A Slow Biking movement. I took the fat tire bike out, and just thoroughly enjoyed riding around the lake with no particular mph or time goal in mind. There were puddles. I, quite literally, rode through them like this. I was discussing with a friend who also just got a fat tire bike, saying that I feel it brings out a slower and more playful side, riding my fat tire bike. He completely agreed, having the same experience.

The other nice piece of that puzzle is that I can go ride bikes with people just beginning to take up the hobby and not feel too irritable about the pace. The fat tires hold me back and slow me down so significantly, and the ride is SO comfortable, that any pace a newer rider wants to take is fine with me. And thus, we’ll be riding around the lake with a newer rider tomorrow evening.

In dyeing news, on Sunday I dyed all the remainder of the commercial top, the entire pound. And then I threw in a handful of silk as well.


I love that olive green so much I ended up doing 4 ounces of it. While I had intended to use all of these for blending, that olive green isn’t ever going to make it to a drum carder.

I’ve got loads and loads of undyed locks that can be dyed at some point, but as of right now, I am done. I put the small amount of dye equipment I had left away in the basement. It’ll be back out in the future I am sure, but I am good for now.

I also finished up my skein of 2 ply yarn made from batts I created myself. It’s 1,085 yards of fingering weight yarn, and it’s extremely soft! Softer than my drum carder should have accepted, especially since I had to do a lot of extra blending to make it look good.


I love this yarn. I love it SO MUCH! It’s beautiful, it holds interest, it’s soft, it’s got bits and bobs and yet remains overall smooth. This is a yarn I am very proud of!

It seems like I am saying that regularly lately. I think that’s good, spinning continues to hold interest and I continue to learn new things.

I haven’t started anything new yet though. Because once I start a project, I really have trouble stepping away. And these two weeks I need to be concentrating on cleaning up the house for a visitor I have coming in, and the large conference is less than 2 weeks away as well. It may be knitting almost exclusively until after the conference! I can put knitting down just fine these days.


3 thoughts on “Of Dyeing and Spinning

  1. that blue is so beautiful you should be very proud of it! What are you thinking it will be?

    Those dyed bits are so pretty and colorful, I can’t wait to see what happens next. After all your visitors and conference, etc.

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